Forest Service Trail #3129

Why? Handy trail for some connections, quick access to open high country.

Season: June through October.

Ease: Difficult to strenuous. It’s 5 miles and 2,800 feet up, most of it covered in 2 miles, from the trailhead to Indian Corral.

If you’re in a hurry to get to the Wenaha-Tucannon high country, then this trail is for you. You’ll work hard for a couple of miles, for sure. But then you’ll be there out in the huge open meadows that characterize the top of this wilderness.

The way up – well – it does get your attention. You’ll have to ford Panjab Creek first, then spend a lot of your uphill time in the woods of ponderosa pine or fir as you climb up the point of the ridge. Sometimes you’ll get to use switchbacks to help you gain elevation, sometimes it’s just straight up.

Once up, it’s a fine 3 or so miles of those open meadows to Indian Corral. You can enjoy the views north into the flat farmlands of Washington, south into the Panjab and Turkey Creek drainages, and west to Paige Ridge on the other side of Panjab Creek. The walking is easy here, with gentle grades in sharp contrast to the uphill of the first couple of miles. In season, the wildflowers can be spectacular.

Directions: Turn left off Highway 12 onto Tatman Mt/Linville Gulch road about 4 miles west of Pomeroy at milepost 399. In 6.3 miles, turn right onto Blind Grade Road. When it ends 2.3 miles later, turn left along the Tucannon River. Trailhead is just past where the Panjab and Tucannon meet, on Panjab.

Information: Pomeroy Ranger Station, UNF, (509) 843-1891.

Maps: USGS Panjab Creek, Washington; Forest Service Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness map

Connections: You can connect, at Indian Corral, to the Panjab Trail, Mt. Misery Trail either to Oregon Butte or toward Diamond Peak, or to the Crooked Creek Trail toward the Wenaha River.