Canyon Creek, Along Dworshak


Why? Short, quiet hike along an equally short arm of Dworshak Reservoir.

Season: March through December usually is snow-free

Ease: Easy, with almost no elevation gain over the little over one mile of trail

The walk along Canyon Creek is pleasant and green, even in late fall, with moss, trees, and short bushes. There are some spots with views back along the rest of the inlet toward where it joins the main body of Dworshak, and views of the shore on the west side of the reservoir a bit south of Freeman Creek. Closer to hand, the open slope up the other side of the inlet looked like a fine place for wildlife spotting – something we weren’t lucky enough to be able to do.

The trail ends as it crosses the creek on a small bridge. If the water’s low, you can sit on a rock or downed tree and lunch in a spot that’s under water at other times of the year.

Directions: Turn left just after you cross the Clearwater River heading into Orofino, then take a quick right onto the road to the Dent Bridge. Turn left between mile markers 4 and 5 onto the road to Canyon Creek, then right when the road ends at a “T” with the sign for Canyon Creek. The parking lot, campground, pit toilet and trailhead are at the end of the road.

Information: Dworshak State Park, (208) 476-5994.

Maps: USGS Dent, Idaho.